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NebulaDisk Solutions

Unique storage solutions for everyone. 🚀

Software Solution

Installable software for the use of cloud storage on a local device or server.

Access and use cloud storage seamlessly and on-demand on your personal computer or server, with advanced features and ease of use.

Available for Linux x64 and arm64, Windows x64 available in April 2024

Hardware Solution

We develop hardware devices for use as "plug & play" gateways to the Cloud.

Turn devices from labs or industries without a network connection into smart devices connected to the Cloud.

With our hardware gateways, you can transfer data effortlessly and integrate it into your processes.

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

A customizable solution that can be installed in your facilities to ensure compliance and increase security.

A customizable enterprise storage solution that enables regulatory compliance and superior security measures, such as resistance to ransomware when installed on your systems.

NebulaDisk Solutions

Server & Desktop
€ 0  /upfront

For general use on servers, PCs, and platforms like the Raspberry Pi.

Start Now

€10 gift to try out

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Ransomware resistance

  • End-to-End encryption

  • Immediately available

  • Email support

USB Pendrive
€ 74.99  / device

To connect to other devices and turn them into Cloud devices


Shipping in 2 days (variable delivery)

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Ransomware resistance

  • Possibility of a customized housing and an embossed serial number

  • Automatic firmware updates

  • Email support


For comprehensive control and improved availability.

Contact us

Individual customization on request

  • Customized functions

  • Personalized branding

  • Compatible with NebulaDisk Hardware

  • Compatible with NebulaDisk Software

  • Customized support

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